Because Life Is Better With Options!

03rd Mar 2016

Ask your local lenswear professional about our I See Alternatives promotion running from the 1st March until 31st August 2016.

Introducing The e-LIFE Neo Series!

04th Feb 2016

A recent study has shown that we spend an average of 9.8 hours in front of digital screens, whether watching the latest show on our smart TV’s or surfing the internet on our ever improving tablets; As a result of this our eyes are starting to suffer.

Nikon’s e-LIFE NEO series is a specialised group of lenses that can be combined with our latest blue light cut coating, SeeCoat Blue Premium UV. These lenses are designed to accommodate your specific needs so that you can fully enjoy your digital lifestyle.

Nikon’s e-LIFE NEO Series available from February!

Nikon e-LIFE Series; Ready for your digital lifestyle!

19th Sep 2015

We all spend hours at a time in front of digital devices; from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep, we spend hours concentrating on electronics. Studies show that 90% of those in their 30’s and 40’s are using computers with at least 70% experiencing some form of eye strain or discomfort.

Nikon’s e-LIFE Series offer a range of specialist lens designs and coatings, which are specially made for those seeking visual quality and comfort whilst embracing their digital lifestyle.

Contact our customer services or your local optician now!

I SEE YOUR TRUE COLOURS through Nikon sunwear lenses.  Want to combine style and performance?

23rd Jul 2015

Enjoy the sun’s benefits without worrying about its potentially dangerous effects. Nikon sunwear offers a line of sun lenses specifically designed to protect your eyes against the negative effects of solar radiation, while providing maximum comfort, healthy vision and great looks!
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Product Launch! New Nikon Premium Single Vision Lens Out Now!

09th Oct 2014

Our brand new premium single vision lens - SeeMax AP is available to order from your Optician now.

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Tips for healthy eyesight


  1. Sit comfortably and rub your hands until they get warm
  2. Put gently your cupped hands on your closed eyes. Beware of not pressing your eyeballs. Your nose shouldn’t be cover by your hands.
  3. No light rays should pass through your finger.
  4. Concentrate on the darkness. If your arms hurt, lean on a table.
  5. Breathe slowly and consciously.
  6. Stay in this position during three minutes and more.
  • Frequency: 3 minutes or more
  • Where: Home